„secureness“ mesures and sharpens the security awareness of the human capital and can be engaged as an effective instrument in the following way:
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Internal risks in the areas of technology and business processes should be constantly monitored and analysed to gain more security for economic actions. The human factor can’t be unconsidered in an integral way of looking, because the employees means the core of a success-orientated business. This would be the greatest multiplicator to maintain the image sustainable and to make the reputation positive.​

Security by...
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  • get an extensive image of your internal risks.

  • strengthen the security awareness of your employees.

  • develop the way of thinking in the domain security of your employees.

  • have for one’s decision on a team constellation of your employees.

  • are able to choose and develop potential employees.

  • put confidence-building measures in the center.


SCIOLI Security Human Capital secureness booklet

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